Understanding motivations to shift towards one earth living

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OneEarth Living is a think-and-do tank that innovates and amplifies solutions for sustainable ways of living. In collaboration with the Share Reuse Repair Initiative, our client created the 7 Motivation Profiles for Lighter Living Action in BC as a means to better understand people in BC and their choices (sustainable or not).

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Each profile created included illustrated scenarios to give examples of the different motivations at play when making decisions.

Communication design challenge

OneEarth Living worked in collaboration with the Share Reuse Repair Initiative to create the 7 Motivation Profiles for Lighter Living Action in BC. They conducted 20 in-depth qualitative interviews and a quantitative study of 1,500 British Columbia residents between July and November 2020. The seven “motivations” reflect shared attitudes — they’re not “groups of people.” People are motivated differently depending on the situations they’re in and the actions they’re taking. If we’re able to understand each other better, we can encourage more sustainable choices amongst people with diverse motivations. OneEarth came to us with a document concept and a tight timeline.


This was a full-on collaborative effort, with many stakeholders involved in creating the content and finalizing the details. We designed profile icons and laid out this extensive (and interesting!) document series. Profile one-pagers, social media graphics, and other elements were created after the document was finalized to support marketing activities. We always love hearing what OneEarth is working on as they inspire a vision of a better future.

One front page, two spreads and one chapter page of the One Earth Document
Each profile has extensive information on the attitudes and key opportunities, providing real insight into consumer behaviour.
Two Pages of the One Earth print document showing a varitey of colourful custom icons
It was really interesting getting to know more about how people are motivated in their purchasing behaviours.

Learn more about OneEarth Living and the 7 Motivation Profiles for Lighter Living Action in BC

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