Kudos to our website team

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It’s not always easy to prioritize your own work as we’re busy working for our clients, so we wanted to make sure to celebrate!

At the end of July 2022, we quietly, softly, launched the new iilo website. It was an incredible amount of work creating the site while prioritizing our busy client work. I’m grateful to our website team, who prioritized this project during such a busy period!

Our collaborator Krisztina from KunStudios was in the weeds of the website work at every project phase, along with Madelen and me. Krisztina helped us to clarify our vision and web strategy, provided sound recommendations and advice, and kept us on scope — it’s very easy for scope creep to happen when it’s your own website and you keep getting ideas! She worked her tech magic and also programmed the site, and we’re so happy with the beautiful end result. Thanks for being our awesome web build partner, Krisztina!

Speaking of tech magic, we’d also like to thank Jason at Object Work. He helped us with some important yet often invisible (and finicky) tech details, like our website form. Thanks a bunch, Jason!

The iilo website across an array of screens
Six collages illustration containing plants and everyday objects. One illustration has the word iilo. Another illustration has the word Hi
Six custom collage illustrations Cate and I created, one for each section of the iilo website.

Our awesome team of iilo collaborators also helped us with the website, of course. Everyone generously took the time to tell us more about themselves as creators and people, and we used this information to write their bios with a more personal touch. They each designed a beautiful custom image to represent themselves, all of which you can view in our Team section! Thanks to each of you for supporting our vision for the iilo website!

A special thanks goes out to Cate, our summer intern. She dove right into the web work and helped us out with everything, including illustrations and graphics, uploading web content, image sizing, and quality assurance. I hope you enjoyed your time on this project as much as we enjoyed having you, Cate!

Six White Icons with colourful splotches on a dark green background
Six Icons for our values including Trustworthy, Collaborative & inclusive, Curious, Impact-focused, Mission-driven, and Work/Life balance

Finally, I’d like to thank Madelen for coming on this web journey with me. Aside from co-managing the entire project with me from start to finish, she spent a ton of time writing and editing all the website content, making sure the website sounds like us and who we want to be as a company. If she was writing this post, I know she would be thanking me for the design work I led, and the time spent getting the design details just right, so the iilo brand can shine. Yay us!

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