Reporting on First Nations language vitality in BC

Person holding a copy of the language report
The report cover features beautiful artwork by g̱anaaw̓ ada maay̓ by Lucy Trimble/Hlgu Maksguum g̱anaaw̓.

The number of fluent and semi-fluent First Nations’ language learners has increased by 3,106 since 2018.

Communication design challenge

The First Peoples’ Cultural Council (FPCC) is an organization committed to supporting and promoting the revitalization of First Nations languages in British Columbia. This 2022 Report on the Status of B.C. First Nations Languages is an update to the reports we designed in 2018 and 2014. It provides detailed data collected in 2022 on the current status of BC’s First Nations languages, with information about numbers of speakers, learners, and available resources.

The design objective was to create a report that would be engaging, accessible, and informative for a broad audience, including First Nations language speakers, policy makers, educators, and the general public. The report needed to communicate complex information in a clear and concise manner while also being visually appealing and reflective of Indigenous culture and values.

Pages in the report visualizing language learning metrics in each of the seven First Nations language families.


The final report achieved the design objective through a combination of effective content organization, visual design, and cultural representation. The report was structured in a clear and logical manner, with sections focusing on the current state of Indigenous languages in the province, and highlighting some of the successful revitalization initiatives taking place in communities across the province.

The report’s visual design was engaging and reflective of Indigenous culture and values. The report cover featured g̱anaaw̓ ada maay̓ by Lucy Trimble/Hlgu Maksguum g̱anaaw̓. The artwork was selected to create an eye-catching and optimistic look. Building on the design of past reports, the infographics and data bytes show how language is actively being reclaimed within the province.

A new section was introduced this year featuring the stories of three language learners, which provided an encouraging tone and inspiration for people working to reclaim their First Nations languages.

A fact sheet about First Nations languages was created alongside the report.
Form in the appendix of the document to collect information about people learning Indigenous languages for the next report.

Would your community like to develop a plan for your language? FPCC’s Language Revitalization Planning Program offers funding, resources, and coaching to support language plan development.

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