Raising awareness of BC Rent Bank impacts

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BC Rent Bank’s mandate is to support and create the infrastructure necessary to support a province-wide rent bank service, “helping BC renters keep their housing when times get tough.” With very few branding elements and a tight timeline, iilo designed two important reports to amplify the impact of their work.

Communication design challenge

In 2021, BC Rent Bank surveyed all households in BC that received rent bank assistance between April 1 and June 30, 2021. They asked respondents about their housing situation six months after receiving assistance and for feedback regarding their experience with rent bank services.

The survey results were both conclusive and encouraging: rent banks were successful in supporting renters to maintain their housing when faced with a short-term crisis that threatened housing stability, with 94% of survey respondents indicating they had maintained or improved their housing situation. With this exciting finding, BC Rent Bank needed to let their funders and government partners know that their efforts are making a big impact. With a limited budget and a tight timeline, we knew we had to get creative in our approach to their two reports.

Two front covers of Rent Bank Bc's Impact Report and Housing Stability Survey
iilo designed both BC Rent Bank’s Impact Report 2021-2022 and their 2021 Housing Stability Survey Report.


After reviewing their well-considered content, we met to discuss their report needs and then dove into a collaborative design process using a shared cloud-based document to save time on back-and-forth editing. Creating their two reports this way allowed us to spend time on graphics and cleaning up editable tables and charts right in Google Docs and Sheets.

Building on the minimal brand assets available, we took the opportunity to expand the current BC Rent Bank brand with a refreshed colour palette and introduced some visual devices to help refresh their look/feel. The two reports we created now reflect a more vibrant energy, in line with the organization’s impactful work.

Multiple pages of Documents with a bar chart, photos and circle graphics
iilo introduced a more optimistic colour palette, building on the existing maroon and grey colours in the original BC Rent Bank logo.

Knowing that this non-profit organization has limited resources, we designed the report graphics in a square format to save them as share graphics, so the organization can easily share their stats visually on social media.

Red circles with yellow statistics for rent bank BC and a BC province graphic
iilo made a variety of spot graphics, or what we like to call “infobytes,” to help share their impact.

Our impact

“The iilo team not only understood our needs, but were responsive to feedback, met deadlines, and worked within the agreed-upon budget. We’re incredibly pleased with the end products and enjoyed working with iilo immensely.”

Melissa Giles
Project Lead, BC Rent Bank

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