Rebranding a family-friendly workspace concept

Wooden blocks and PlayDoh in children's play room
Photo by Gautam Arora on Unsplash

iilo is proud to have rebranded Nestworks. We contributed to the evolution of the innovative concept the society aims to bring to life — to empower future Nestworks co-workers/parents to find a healthy work and life balance.

Communication design challenge

Nestworks is an exciting concept for a shared, family-friendly workspace in Vancouver that will offer childminding and other family-friendly spaces along with co-working, meeting spaces, and private offices. Since personal sustainability and work/life balance are key drivers at iilo, we were thrilled to support the non-profit organization behind the concept with a full rebrand.

Using the original Nestworks wordmark as inspiration, which reflected a birds nest, we set about examining and deconstructing the elements of a nest and reimagining them in a more modern context. Balance was the underlying theme throughout this project, to reflect a look and feel that was calm and playful, as well as clean, airy, and lively to appeal to various target audiences.

Before and After of Nestworks Logo


After extensive creative exploration, the resulting logo moves away from the literal nest image, but hints at it through the round logo shape and the twig graphic element. The brand fonts reflect a clean and modern brand aesthetic, while the orange, grey, and white colour palette inspires a fresh, lively feeling.

Both sides of Nestworks business card and secondary logo variations

Another important consideration for this rebrand project was the Nestworks space itself, and how the brand will translate into a physical space that will house both the fun energy of children and professional work areas. The brand also builds in the capacity for extension to other locations/cities in the future. We look forward to seeing this exciting concept come to life in Vancouver in 2023.

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