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Two women working together at a laptop in an office environment.
Photo: Presidents Group

As a champion for people with disabilities, the Presidents Group’s Accessible Employers website is designed to win over hearts and minds, showcase the latest web accessibility best practices, and be as accessible as possible.

Communication design challenge 

The Presidents Group is an influential network of established BC business leaders who are leading the way for more accessible, inclusive workspaces. iilo collaborated with KunStudios to rebuild their Accessible Employers initiative website in WordPress, with a focus on simplicity and accessibility on the front and back ends. Our biggest challenge was introducing design elements that would still be interesting yet accessible for site visitors using assistive technologies, like screen readers. 

The Accessible Employers website displayed within a large monitor, laptop, tablet and phone screen.
Accessible Employers website displayed on multiple screens


With their new Accessible Employers website, our client can focus on increasing awareness and buy-in of inclusive and accessible business strategies. We clarified the brand positioning between the Presidents Group and the Accessible Employers initiative, and designed the new site to adapt to evolving WCAG web accessibility specifications. Their new website is easy to update and solves their complex (and distracting) tech challenges.

Two Accessible Employers web pages showing the top and bottom of a page beside each other

Our impact

“Lisa and Madelen were a joy to work with. Their willingness to collaborate in a variety of ways and their empathetic approach to project management kept the entire process stress-free and doable while we juggled a million things simultaneously.”

Micaela Evans
Marketing & Communications Specialist, Presidents Group


Testing the website with people with different abilities was a key part of this project. Tester input helped our team truly understand how people with disabilities navigate websites and confirmed site functionality and improvements at strategic web development points. This project allowed our team to develop our subject matter expertise in accessible website design and development, which is an ongoing journey.

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