Advancing marine conservation with a WordPress website

Seahorse caught in bycatch
Seahorse in bycatch from a Mexican shrimp trawler. Photo by Sarah Foster / Project Seahorse

Project Seahorse are leaders in marine conservation, on a mission to save seahorses and the seas they depend on. By getting their website right, we helped them connect with target audiences and inspire people to take action.

The Project Seahorse website displayed within a large monitor, laptop, tablet and phone screen.
Project Seahorse website mock up

Communication design challenge

Project Seahorse’s high-profile, scientific work across the world is complex, multi-layered, and impactful. iilo was engaged to create a new, functional website to help the organization share its story in a more compelling way. The discovery process uncovered that the new site needed to function as not only a compelling storytelling vehicle, but also as a robust library they could update easily with their research and refer to constantly.

Illustrated graphic showing the impact of seahorses from habitat to a global scale
Illustrated graphic showing seahorse projects impact from local to global


The new Project Seahorse website was built in WordPress, with accessibility top of mind. Site design prioritized an easy site navigation, a user-friendly back end, and an attractive, streamlined design. We also updated an existing illustration showing the ripple impact of Project Seahorse’s work. Maximizing our client’s library of compelling images and videos allowed for various visual entry points into the site.

Two Project Seahorse web pages showing the top and bottom of a page beside each other

Creating a logical content structure was also a priority. The site had a lot of content, and we ensured sections that were previously buried would be easy to search for and get to. With an international audience, our client took our recommendations to keep storytelling as simple as possible on landing pages, and limit academic language to sub-pages. The new Project Seahorse website shows that our team really understood and solved our client’s website functionality, design, and communications challenges.

Our impact

“You didn’t just give us a website, you gave us a tool for conservation.”

Dr. Amanda Vincent
Director and Co-Founder, Project Seahorse

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